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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Julian Rios aka Jordan Rivers


  1. Male porn stars should have more recognition in the industry, specially Julian Rios, 'cause he is definitely the best

  2. maravilloso jordan maravilloso maravilloso

  3. HI Julian! I want to know how many women that did fuck a day, and about how many sexual intercourses did you have a month. Are you a bisexual Julian? I heard so many women come under your cock. I think you bump their wombs a lot Julian they come right away. I realized that the thong that wear sometime makes look very strong and sexy. Challenge others porn actors to wear a lingery such as a thong and pants as wrestlers worn usually when they fight on the stage. I saw a porn gay actor named Trevor Adam this man says his gay, but the public never seen him having sex with no ladies, or men. So he needs to prove his Homo, or bisexual in some videos. He makes someone else having sex for him. So I found this ridiculous instead of showing himself fucking, he use an another person to have sex in his place. He probably a manipulator.