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Monday, October 11, 2010

Greg Plitt

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My first post is of my favorite fitness model; Greg Plitt. He is handsome, great body, and rumor has it, and the pictures show it, he has a big cock and balls! He also has a great membership site:

Per Greg on his site: "Oh by the way. Size fucking matters. In everything. Don’t believe the hype, size fucking matters. Size doesn’t matter to people that don’t have any size, that’s why they like “oh size doesn’t matter”. Size, girth, thickness, everything. It’s a game of inches in life. add up all those inches… victory motherfucker!"


  1. not too cute. i prefer brandon myles white and jack mackenroth.

  2. May Greg rest in peace. <3 So sad and tragic to hear of the news of his passing. Thoughts and prayers go out to all his family, friends and colleagues...for you as well. I am sure you are shocked and saddened too. God Bless Greg's soul and he leaves an enduring legacy. <3